Our goal is to bring attention to those cases in which justice may not have been served and the families of the victims don’t have the resources to pursue the investigations on their own.

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Author and former investigator Dennis Griffin, along with guest investigators and legal and forensic experts, will examine cases in which the investigations have left questions unanswered, and possible criminal activity unexposed. 

Crime Wire – The Beginning

Denny Griffin 

I am frequently asked how Crime Wire came into being. That is a good question with a fairly simple explanation.

I first became a show host on Blog Talk Radio in December 2007. I started doing writing-related programs; and eventually turned to true crime shows, addressing issues such as crimes against children and domestic violence. Over time I began hearing from people whom had lost loved ones to violence and whose cases had either gone cold or perhaps weren’t investigated thoroughly if at all at the outset.

As I spoke to more and more of these families I found a common thread. They felt they had been victimized twice: first by the loss of their loved one; and second by the system. They believed that the authorities responsible for getting justice for the deceased person failed to do so through incompetence, negligence or corruption.

In most cases the family lacked the financial or emotional ability to hire their own investigators and experts to develop fresh leads to take to the police. Those that were able to keep the investigation alive on their own became mired in bureaucratic red tape and a lack of interest by the authorities. In virtually every case they became frustrated and angry, with their emotions sometimes reaching the boiling point.

Last summer as I was watching a paranormal show on a cable network, it struck me that perhaps a similar format could be used to help the families of victims of violent crime as the paranormal investigators assisted people who felt they were experiencing paranormal activity. The ghost hunters didn’t charge their “clients” for conducting an investigation. Why couldn’t people with law enforcement, legal or investigative backgrounds join forces to help the families of homicide victims get answers to their unresolved issues?

I shared my idea with some of the contacts I’d made through my previous Blog Talk Radio shows. Among them were domestic violence expert Susan Murphy-Milano and nationally known former cop and private investigator, Vito Colucci, Jr.

In a relatively short time the three of us agreed to start Crime Wire. To assist us we have assembled a group of highly qualified consultants and analysts. Our goal is to help people that have been fighting the system—in some cases for years—to get justice for their dead loved ones. We are doing this on our own dime and time. We currently have no outside funding or TV contract. We do not charge any fees to profile a case on our Website or Blog Talk Radio show.

However, we don’t profile any and all cases that are brought to our attention. There is a screening process that requires the person requesting a case profile to provide all relevant documentation— including official reports, witness statements, newspaper articles and opinions from outside experts—for review. If we find credible evidence that the case warrants additional exposure we will attempt to help the family get answers.

If we can help bring closure to even one family the effort will have been worth it.

The "Original" Crime Wire Team
Susan Murphy-Milano
Dennis Griffiin
Vito Colucci, Jr.