Saturday, July 24, 2010

Crime Wire Special: The Oklahoma Medical Examiners Office Corrpution and Cover-Up

Several of our past shows have highlighted specific cases from Oklahoma where investigations have been botched and justice has not been served.  The Crime Wire Team felt the necessity to present this issue in a 90 minute special broadcast to further enlighten, not only those in Oklahoma, but around the country, where departments and agencies are not being held accountable for their actions.

Join families from Oklahoma who are fighting to change the years of corruption and cover-up as it relates to autopsies and bogus death certificates. 

We present a 90 minute special with families affected and experts from around the country. Join hosts Private Investigator and Author Vito Colucci, Jr., Retired State Law Enforcement Officer and Author Dennis N. Griffin and Violemce Expert and Author Susan Murphy Milano.

To listen to the live broadcast and participate in the interactive chat room  CLICK HERE!

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