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The Murder of Joseph DiMare

Over five decades, the murder of wealthy produce merchant Joseph DiMare — shot in the head in his white Cadillac in North Miami on March 24th 1961 — has faded into obscurity amid South Florida’s rich crime lore.
But one man won’t let it go. To Richard DiMare, the victim’s 69-year-old son, the murder probe is a cause championed only by him. For the better part of the past three decades, he has flooded police, prosecutors and politicians with angry letters demanding justice.
Our guest, Richard DiMare will highlight this 50 year fight for justice for his father.

Passage of The Chanda Turner Bill in Oklahoma

Little did Donna and Joe Turner realize that justice for the death of their daughter would be such a long road. Chanda Turner was shot in her home on July 12, 2000 and her death was originally ruled a suicide. Despite repeated requests, the family was denied an autopsy for almost 10 years. Knowing they would never give up fighting to get justice for their daughter, her parents buried her in a sealed casket inside a sealed crypt to preserve her body for the day when they could finally get an autopsy.

Since that time the Turners have been fighting, along with several other families, for reform of a Medical Examiner's Office in which appeals for change were not granted.  Attorney Jaye Mendros of Oklahoma City was retained to help these families make changes necessary to give them the opportunity to have a legal mechanism to correct all the mistakes in their cases.  The Chanda Turner Bill has gone through all the necessary judicial steps and is scheduled to be signed into law by the Governor of Oklahoma this week.

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