Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Sheena Morris Unsolved Death in Bradenton Florida

Tonight, August 2, 2011, on the Crime Wire Investigates radio show, as part of our on going flame to justice, we discussed the death and lack of investigation in the unsolved death of Sheena Morris.

On January 1, 2009, the 22-year old was found hanging from a shower in a hotel room located in Anna Marie Island, Florida. Sheena was ending the relationship with her on again off again boyfriend, telling her mother it was coming to an end and things were going to change in the New Year.

It is important to note that a victim of intimate partner violence, never takes their own life as we would learn during the show; often they figure out the best way to move forward minus the violence and live their lives, not take their life! This was not a suicide as initially ruled. Basically, no investigation was done by Bradenton detectives and the crime scene was mishandled. The medical examiner's office relied on those who responded to the scene, and with limited information and incorrect police reports, each a contributing factor in the initial ruling for this case as a suicide.

It would be Kelly Osborn, Sheena's mother, that would gather evidence and information, along with hiring outside forensic pathologists Dr. Michael Baden and Dr. Michael Berkland, that would allow theFlorida medical examiner to change the manner of death in March of 2011 to "undetermined." That should have been enough to re-open the case, but it was not. Public comments in media interviews labeling Kelly Osborn as a mere "grieving mother" are inexcusable.

In addition, 10 months after Sheena's death, the detective contacted the person of interest and informed him that "he is going to contact his alibi" for the evening in question. This action, in and of itself, is a huge ethics issue. It goes to credibility and can hurt future cases within the department, the county, and for the FDLE.

There were other issues and red flags of importance discussed about this case. The FDLE must takethe lead and step in to investigate. Until they do, we (Crime Wire) will continue to take appropriate measures in the murder investigation and ultimate justice for Sheena Morris. Below is the link to the Crime Wire show.

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