Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crime Wire: Corruption and Cover-Up in Sarasota, Manatee and DeSoto Counties Florida

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The State of Florida has yet to re-open the case of Sheena Morris. There is even evidence and information pointing directing at one stone cold target.  The Florida Department of Law Enforcement are afraid to man up and step-in and undo the damage by inexperienced Bradenton Beach investigators because of potential liability.
The family of Sheena Morris has spent thousand’s of dollars they do not have for outside experts to come in and assist with the case.  Even after the death certificate has been changed from “suicide” because of the experts to now “undetermined” they are afraid if they rule homicide this will expose the County to a law suit by the family.
This is happens to be an election year both State’s Attorney’s and Manatee Sheriff races.  The community has the opportunity to vote out corruption and the “good old boy” network.  If Sheriff Brad Steube is re-elected the community can expect more of politics as usual and excessive waste of government spending and tax payers dollars..  If Ed Brodsky is elected as the new State’s Attorney the citizens are merely passing the corruption baton from his predecessor on to him.
Sheena Morris and other unsolved homicides will receive justice if Peter Lombardo [Website http://peterlombardoforstateattorney.com/] whom is running for office as State’s Attorney and Bill Waldron [Website http://waldron4sheriff.com/] are elected to properly service the people.  We have invited both men to the Crime Wire Show for the hour along with Kelly Osborne, mother of Sheena Morris.
Family Website:  Justice4Sheena.Com
Please review and sign our petition   http://www.change.org/petitions/justice-4-sheena-morris 

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