Monday, June 10, 2013

Attorney Michelle Cruz Talks about Crime Victims’ Rights

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Over the years Crime Wire has presented many, many cases of unsolved homicides, missing persons, and all other types of crime. Along with each of these crimes comes surviving victims, family members, children, and friends, and most are still working to find justice.
While seeking justice, or grieving for a lost loved one, there are an abundance of rights available the surviving crime victims. Most of them they know nothing about, and others are either misinterpreted or not enforced by those close to the cases who are in a position to do so.

If you are a surviving crime victim and have questions about your rights as a victim for Michelle Cruz, CALL IN to the show or ask in the interactive chat!  


Attorney Michelle Cruz, ImaginePublicity,Crime WireAttorney Michelle Cruz was appointed by Governor M. Jodi Rell to head the Office of the Victim Advocate (OVA), an independent agency, charged with enforcing the protection of Constitutional Rights of crime victims throughout the state of Connecticut.  She’s a former Assistant District Attorney with experience in prosecuting sexual assaults, domestic violence and child abuse cases.
While in office as the State Victim Advocate her responsibilities included: accepting complaints from crime victims (in excess of 900 per year); proposing new legislative initiatives and policies to address gaps in services to crime victims; evaluating the delivery of statewide services to crime victims; facilitating educational and outreach to enhance crime victims’ rights awareness throughout the state; conducting trainings to state agencies and other organizations that interface with crime victims; appearing in court to address crime victims’ rights violations, and managing all agency-wide administration, including budgetary issues, contracts, and supervision of OVA staff.
On the show Michelle will explain to listeners, especially those who are surviving crime victims, what to expect and how to navigate the judicial system more successfully, holding up the principles of justice and accountability.
In a system where criminals seem to have the balance of rights on their side, it’s even more imperative for victims to know exactly what their rights are, and how to successfully defend those rights if needed.
Michelle Cruz is now in private practice with a full service law practice with a focus on crime victims’ rights, family law and criminal law serving both MA and CT. She is a much sought after keynote speaker and presenter at conferences, as well as an adjunct professor at University of Connecticut School of Law.
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  1. NC Policy Watch has an article that talks about this issue. Jail overcrowding and the ability of the learn more here police departments to handle such an increase in arrests on a daily basis is another issue.

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