Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Special Broadcast “Why Crime Wire?”

Crime Wire

Tuesday, April 19,  9pm ET
Special Broadcast
“Why Crime Wire?”

The Crime Wire Team will be discussing the way we illustrate how botched or inadequate investigations can result in crimes going undetected and murderers not being charged – leaving them free to kill again. These cases need to be brought to the attention of the public, and possibly force law enforcement to take another look.  
Be sure to keep up to date on featured cases and issues on our website:http://crimewiresite.com
Join Susan each Tuesday night at 9pm ET with Author and former police officer, Dennis Griffin, Private Investigator Tom Shamshak, and Private Investigator and Author, Vito Colucci, Jr. as we feature cases of unsolved murder, botched investigations, missing persons and crimes in the news.
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