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Crime Wire Investigates: The Celina Cass Case and 1992 Unsolved Double Murder of Mort and Howard Custer

 Tuesday, August 9, 9pm ET 

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Unsolved 1992 Double Murder: Mort and Howard Custer

Seeking justice for the 1992 double murder of her father and her uncle, Mort and Howard Custer,Denise Savastano became a Private Investigator and took over the investigation of the case in 2009.  After years of contact with detectives, and not receiving answers, she took possession of boxes of case files.  Her father, Mort, and uncle Howard were found in her father's home, each shot in the head.

Going through a bitter divorce, Denise's stepmother was the first suspect, but was soon ruled out and exonerated.  The divorce attorney and her husband became the next in line as persons of interest.  Her father had loaned the attorney's husband a large sum of money, had audio taped and made written instructions to his family about what should be done to collect the debt.  Mort Custer was in the process of amending his will, getting his affairs in order, at the time he was murdered, never able to complete his wishes.

Denise Savastano will join co-hosts Vito Colucci and Tom Shamshak to discuss the latest in the case.

What Happened to Celina Cass?

Last month, an eleven year old New Hampshire girl, Celina Cass, disappeared mysteriously from her home where she lived with her mother and stepfather and an older sister. Local, state, andfederal law enforcement authorities launched a massive search for the missing girl. The search ended sadly with the discovery the girl’s body in a river about a quarter of a mile from her home. The police have said the girl’s death is suspicious. An autopsy was performed, but the medical examiner could not determine the manner and cause of death. Police are waiting for the results of toxicology examination, and the investigation presses on. Two motor vehicles were towed from the girl’s home. One of the vehicles is registered to Celina’s stepfather, who has checked himself into a medical facility. The stepfather has a history of mental illness. What happened to Celina Cass?

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