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Crime Wire Investigates! Tuesday, August 16

Crime Wire Investigates!

Tuesday, August 16, 9pm ET

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The Crime Wire Team will present two cases of unsolved suspicious deaths. 

Case Backgrounds

First Segment:

Beth Clark, Wendy’s sister, and family friend Karen Beaudin will join us to discuss the current status of the case.

Wendy Towle

Wendy Towle was found dead in her Stratham NH home on August 22, 2009. Her death was initially classified as suspicious and sent to the state Attorney General's office for review and later ruled an accidental overdose. The case was then sent back to the Stratham Police Department and Rockingham County Attorney's office for further review. The death certificate states the cause of death as a result of “administered non-prescribed drugs.” It has been nearly two years since Wendy died and her family still seeks answers about her death. Wendy was 38 years old.

Towle was an outdoor enthusiast, she loved to bike, run, swim and hike. She was a certified nurse anesthetist at Elliot Hospital in Manchester and was previously employed by Exeter Hospital. Wendy’s family, friends and co-workers do not believe she could have accidentally or intentionally overdosed.

On August 22, 2009 she met her parents in Concord, NH as she usually did when they were having their car serviced. She would meet them and take them out to lunch and go shopping and return later so that they could pick up their car and return home. Every time they got together, there was always a telephone call from Wendy to let her family know she was home safely. When she left her parents that day she told them she had to go do laundry and go to CVS, which they know by video tapes and the laundry still in the washer and dryer. She called Beth Clark (her sister) to let her know she was headed home and would call her when she arrived. The call never came. Beth called several times and she never called back. Finally the family called the Stratham Police to go and check. Soon the police called back informing Beth that Wendy was dead.

When they found her she had the same clothes on that she wore that day and the groceries were still out on the counter. Also, her air conditioner was on high the apartment was very cold, her sisters claim she never did that “she was a neat freak and very frugal.” Autopsy revealed the two drugs that found in her sister's system were Sevoflurane and nalbuphine, both anesthetics.

When the family arrived at Wendy’s house there were bloody sheets and a comforter that they had to clean up. They were told by the police that it was fine to do so, “the State must have all they need.” They did not question this and assumed the police and the State knew what they were doing. Hindsight being 20/20, the family now wonders why someone who overdosed would have all the bleeding, bruises and dislocated shoulder that she did. Also she would not have stopped and picked up gifts for her sister and niece, groceries, prescriptions and gas up her car on the way home.

The family wants people to know that she had a serious, LONG TERM relationship with Dr. Cornelius “Neil” Sullivan who apparently had other girl friends and a wife. He and Wendy had a safety deposit box that he emptied out after her death. He went in the house after her death and collected "personal belongings". He had a needle and partial vial of Succyinocholine in the trunk of his car; he also lied to the police. Dr. Sullivan was a surgeon and at the time of Wendy’s death was in school to become an anesthesiologist, however after her death he quit school.

Shortly before Wendy’s murder, her sister Beth went to visit her. Beth noticed that Neil never called during her visit, this was very unusual, and that his clothes were missing from the closet.

Neil was actually the first person to see the body (when we are not sure) He had called Wendy's house from his cell Saturday night from the area and got no answer for the second time. No one knows where he was between 8:30 pm - 11:45 pm. No one saw him there but it would seem logical that he would go and check on her. We do know however he was in the house and found Wendy before the police got there.

I had called Wendy Saturday and Sunday. When no one else had heard from her I got worried and called Neil. I had asked Wendy before who I would call if I couldn't get hold of her, (I live 2 1/2 hours away)She had given me Neil's cell phone number. I called him Sunday am and got no answer then again in the afternoon this time he answered and said he was in Boston and was worried so he would go check on her. I waited an hour and called him, he said he was about 15 minutes away. I waited and called again. He said he was there, her car was there but he couldn't get in. I knew he had had a key and when he said ‘maybe I should call the police’, I just did. I did ask him where he was going and he said he would stay in the area.

When the police got there he was not there but a neighbor came over when she saw the police (Wendy lived in a condo and this lady was on the board) The police and the neighbor went in and found Wendy. The neighbor immediately said "Where is the boyfriend?" The police then called me and gave me the news and asked about the boyfriend. I said he was supposed to be in the area. My husband called him and told him the police were looking for him and he returned to the condo. He told the police he had not been in the house and did not have a key. Later during questioning he admitted he had been inside and removed some of his things and they found a key on his key ring.

Second Segment:

Valerie Johnson, Bill’s stepdaughter, her son Jamie, and Gene Cervantes of Citizens Against Homicide will discuss the case with the Crime Wire Team.

William Walker 

William Arleigh Walker was born on July 19th 1939 in California. He was married to his wife Dorothy Walker for 40 Years. They lived in Ohio and then later moved there family to Moses Lake, Washington where he worked at Swartz Electric for 50 years. William loved to do stuff with his family, such as working on antiques for his wife and kids or working on cars in the shop with the grandchildren.

On August 2, 2008 William, age 69, was killed by a pipe bomb in his own shop at his home where he sustained very violent injuries to his neck and chest. The police thought it was a horrible accident. Hours later, a neighbor passing by told us of the explosion heard throughout the neighborhood.

Explosion? This is the first we had heard of an explosion! According to the detectives, six (6) people in the area heard an explosion and no one called 911 . . .

Bill lay in his shop for hours.

The police thought it was just a horrible accident, and told the family that some lanterns and a battery charger exploded in his garage, killing him instantly. The family wasn’t convinced, they knew Bill was not careless; he would always take precautionary measures to prevent something like this from ever happening.

Early the next morning, local detectives, Washington State Police Officers, FBI bomb techs, plus an Army bomb squad with a dog . . . arrived on scene.

Later that day, the family was informed it was a bomb, placed in a battery charger.

Later that evening there was another pipe bombing in Moses Lake that killed another man. It has been three years since he was killed and we still to this day have no answers as to what happened. The family of William A Walker would like to know what happened to their Father, Grandfather and friend. We want to know who could have done something this violent to a very loving, and caring man who would do anything for anyone who would give you the shirt off his own back if you had asked for it. He was always there to lend a helping hand for anyone even if it was a complete stranger. William is greatly missed every single day by everyone and anyone that ever knew him and they want answers to who did this. Anyone with and information should contact the Grant county Sherriff’s office at (509)762-1160.

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