Monday, March 4, 2013

Does Psychic Mediumship really exist?

Who the heck is Karen Storsteen, 

Psychic Psychotherapist and Investigator?

In my next blog, I will discuss the science behind psychic ability and mediumship. Now, however, it may help to give you a brief background about me. This will give you some idea about where I am coming from, as my occupation as a psychic-medium may sound scary and weird but what the heck, we are always somebody’s weirdo right? I can assure you that I am a very practical and down-to-earth person with an analytical mind. I have also been a management consultant for twenty-five years and am a psychotherapist.

I began studying the psychic sciences many years ago to make sense of my extraordinary life experiences. Life is miraculous!

By the age of fourteen, I was clear that if I could help others uncover and express their Divine Spirit, that I too would be fulfilling my purpose. I am so blessed that my life’s work continues to be an expression of my calling and that I can contribute in a meaningful way.

As a child, I always felt that I could understand another’s inner world. Often adults would tell me that they were “fine” and yet, I knew intuitively, when they felt sad or angry, etc. I had deep empathy for others and could feel their pain, as well as their joy. My first instinct was always to help people. As I became an adolescent, I was a magnet for friends in despair; I would listen, provide insights, and cheerlead them on. Helping people fed my soul.

Having a father who was a highly intuitive M.D. and surgeon and mother who studied metaphysics, I grew-up with a strong foundation in science and spirituality. My father was very passionate and curious about life and taught me Einstein’s theory when I was in second grade! I am grateful for my parents (deceased) as they taught me to have an open mind, not to be imprisoned my dogma, and to uncover my own truth. My mother taught me never to fear death as the soul lives. She also taught me at an early age that we create our own reality and to visualize and believe in my dreams. Today, we call this “manifesting” which is now supported by what quantum physics refers to as quantum duality. Quantum duality states that thoughts affect matter and the nature of particles can be altered.

I grew-up Christian and Spiritual and respect many of the world’s religions. The core is love of a higher power, love of self and love of others.

At the age of eighteen, I had a profound experience that shaped my life forever. I kept this experience quiet until I began teaching Intuitive Intelligent classes roughly twelve years ago as prior to this time, I was conscientious about how people would receive the information. I was on my first camping trip with my boyfriend in the San Diego Mountains and was so happy to be in nature as I had always loved the outdoors. I was hiking with him one day and let him walk in front of me so that I would have my own space.

As I was joyfully observing my surroundings and the beauty of the river and landscape, out of the blue I heard a message as clear as day. The message said, “You have every answer to every question inside you. You and the trees and the flowers before you are all made of the same things – you just express yourselves differently. One expression is a flower, one a tree, and one you.” I had this extreme feeling of peace and no longer felt the confines of my body. I was limitless and expansive. I felt as if I embodied universal knowledge. For the first time I could remember, I did not feel any anxiety. I knew what I had heard was true and therefore, there was nothing to fear. I felt like I must be in Heaven, or what I would imagine Heaven to feel like. I was experiencing Heaven on earth.

I believe the message I heard came from God (Source, the Collective Unconscious if you prefer). God was not just speaking to me, but to all of us about how the Universe works and that we are all omnipotent and interconnected. Thankfully, as I will describe in my next blog, quantum physics supports the message I heard at the age of eighteen and explains the science behind my experience. My later and present experiences also confirm this truth as I often receive information that I would have no way of knowing as the information is not based on past experience or knowledge. This phenomena is called non-localized intuition.

I began my career consulting to organizations in the areas of leadership development, human performance improvement, and restructuring. I quickly became an executive coach and have advised some of the most successful leaders and companies in the world over the last several years.

Like most of us, our careers unfold like an onion and in early mid-life, I went back to school for a second Master’s degree in Psychology (the first being in Management and Organization, Minor in Finance) and augmented my business as a transpersonal psychotherapist (transpersonal focuses on the development of the soul and is a spiritual psychology). At that time, I had experienced several major losses and it was through this journey that my intuitive abilities went through the roof. This led to people seeing me not only for counseling, but for intuitive and medium readings and connecting with their loved ones who had passed.

Given that I was a single mother supporting two kids, I was very concerned that my work as a psychic could blemish my career as a management consultant because the business world may not understand. It was then that I began studying how psychic ability works and learned about quantum physics and neuroscience so that I could explain this ability through the hard sciences.

It was a risk as the world of psychic and Corporate America has been kept separate, at least overtly. I knew however, that tapping our intuition leads to exponential intelligence and peace of mind. It is what is needed to combat stress which diminishes higher brain functioning. I decided to jump off the cliff and normalize the intuitive and psychic sciences in everyday life.

Facing my greatest fear, I jumped off the cliff and flew rather than fell. It was as if God and the Universe said, “Okay fabulous, you are now doing the work you are called here to do and trusting Divine Guidance, as well as yourself. By using your greatest talents and being true to who you are, you are teaching others to be who they are. You are expressing your purpose.” It was a huge lesson for me as I realized that when we are doing our life’s work and expressing our authentic self, our lives are so meaningful, rich, and joyful, that the opinions of others no longer drown out our inner voice. Instead of people shunning me, I was being embraced for my gifts! Over the last several years, executives have asked for my intuitive insights regarding their businesses and I have helped thousands of individuals gain clarity of mind and work through grief and life transitions. I have also been a regular on several AM/FM radio stations, and have taught millions about Intuitive Intelligence.

I am honored to be on Crime Wire to help families who have experienced the greatest of all tragedies find clarity and connect with their loved ones on the other side. I open my heart to you.

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