Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Science of Psychic Mediumship

Karen Storsteen

A natural question that anyone with an enquiring mind might ask is: How does psychic ability work? How can a medium like me contact someone who has passed away? The easy and frequent answer is usually “through energy.” But what, really, does this mean? Is there any scientific explanation for the phenomenon? The answer is yes!

Science is showing that everything in the cosmos is connected. That includes human brains: “in altered states of brain and mind, the brain waves of different individuals, even if separated by finite distances, become synchronized and the rhythms exhibited by one are picked up by the others. The universe, including human beings, is fundamentally, and, as it appears, ‘nonlocally’ coherent (Ervin Laszlo, Quantum Shift in the Global Brain, p. 152).”

Nonlocality is a term used in Quantum Physics to describe when one quantum object “influences another without signals through space and without taking a finite time.” In other words, a brain in an altered state is capable of instantaneously connecting to another mind even if that other person is many miles away.

Thus, correlated quantum objects must be interconnected in a domain that transcends space and time.

Nonlocality implies transcendence. It follows that all quantum waves of possibility reside in a domain that transcends space and time (Amit Goswami, Physics of the Soul, p. 14).” But what about coherence and connection with a mind that is no longer associated with a living brain and body?” Telepathy can connect through the Zero-Point Field.

The Zero-Point Field can be described as a sea of energy that allows for instantaneous access to information. It extends throughout the Universe. Everything is enfolded within everything else – the vast information field is everywhere, inside of us and outside of us. Think of existence as an ocean and you as a white cap. We are non-local beings. Our outer limits are not confined to our skin, we have expandable, permeable boundaries and can pick up all sorts of information from the outside world. As David Bohm, Physicist states, “What we perceive as separate parts – you, me, the trees, and the stars in the next galaxy – are all part of a seamless whole that is pulsing with life and intelligence (the holomovement).”

The American Heritage Dictionary defines Psychic as “of or pertaining to extraordinary, especially extrasensory and nonphysical, mental processes, such as extrasensory perception and mental telepathy.” Telepathy as “communication by scientifically unknown or inexplicable means, as by the exercise of mystical powers.” Would it surprise you to know that science ~ specifically Quantum Physics ~ is proving that telepathy does exist?

More than 25 years ago, physicists Aspect, Dalibard, and Roger proved that two previously interacting [correlated] photons [particles of light] influenced each other over distance without making contact. This phenomenon is called non-locality which is defined as “an instantaneous influence or communication without any exchange of signals through space-time; an unbroken wholeness or nonseparability that transcends space-time.” Telepathy works in a similar fashion.

Much like the Aspect et al experiments, University of Mexico neurophysiologist Jacobo Grinberg-Zylberbaum experimented [1994] with brainwaves where two subjects meditated together for twenty minutes and then were placed in separate faraday chambers [rooms which block out all electromagnetic signals]. One subject experienced light flashes that resulted in a particular brainwave pattern on a EEG machine. The other subject did not experience any light flashes; however, in 25% of cases, the unstimulated brains showed a similar EEG reading. Non-interacting control subjects never showed any connection between their brainwave patterns.

As Albert Einstein stated, “energy cannot be created or destroyed”. Consciousness exists beyond the death of our physical body. As a medium, to connect with the afterlife, I raise my energy very high and the Spirit world lowers theirs so we have a connection and common frequency. It’s like tuning-in to a radio station.

What once was considered spooky science fiction has now become science fact. Something to think about. 

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1. Goswami, Amit. Physics of the Soul, Hampton Roads Publishing, 2001

2. This information in this blog is from an article co-written by my sister, Linda Storsteen, M.A., M.S.

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